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Anthony Marcello

Anthony Marcello

KM Wealth Management


As the Co-Founder of KM Wealth Management, my primary goal is to help clients establish lifetime income while focusing on capital preservation.
For nearly 20 years, I have specialized in working with:
• High Net Worth Individuals
• Family Offices
• Corporations
• Corporate Retirement Plans
• Pension Funds
After analyzing my client’s objectives and understanding their current financial picture, I create and recommend a strategic and tactical asset allocation plan design to help them achieve their goals. With access to a broad spectrum of investment vehicles available in the market, and no pressure to recommend proprietary products, I have the freedom to select product suitable for each client based on their individual goals and needs. In doing so, I am able to help each client build a comprehensive portfolio and reduce risk. I pride myself on providing personalized service and a comprehensive financial plan for each individual client.
I believe by working with my clients to achieve their personal financial goals, it alleviates some of their stresses and uncertainty associated with financial obligations and retirement.